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DIET ID is designed to make existing solutions better. 

Whether in pursuit of weight loss, chronic disease management, an improved environmental impact, or family meal planning, food can be medicine, socially responsible, a basic need as well as an enjoyable part of every day, and it can be so much more.  The first step toward improving the quality of your diet experience is to know where to start and then to know where you want to go.  Diet ID is GPS for diet change.

Market Objectives:

  • Improve general knowledge of diet patterns/habits
  • Increase use of baseline diet assessment across multiple markets
  • Replace current dietary intake methods for coaching and clinicians

Value Proposition:

  • Diet ID is a white label API – ready for integration with existing platforms
  • Provides context for diet change, an additional value for weight loss or disease management programming.
  • Offers an opportunity for data aggregation.
  • Provides an easy pathway to recommend foods, recipes, brands, supplements, content and more.
  • Creates a way for customers to improve both health and environmental impact.

Product Roadmap: 

  • Diet ID & Diet Tracking in June 2018
  • Diet Ideal and Diet Navigation in Dec 2018
  • Coming Soon:  Global Diets - addition of culturally & geographically appropriate diet patterns
  • Coming Soon:  Environmental Impact – unique food footprint

Target Markets: 

  1. Healthcare intermediaries - ie. coaches/physicians, payors, EHR, supplement companies, etc.
  2. Corporate wellness – clients will be interested in ID, IDeal and Navigation to support claims costs, prevention, etc.
  3. Consumer wellness/ innovation – wearables, coaching, meal delivery, online shopping
  4. Weight loss and retail food  – custom solutions, move in diet type to support recommendations


  • Subscription base per user/year.  Up to 75% savings on cost of conventional intake tools
  • Premium upgrade for functionality in 2019 with Navigation (coaching support)
  • Usage & volume discounts available upon request

WHO should connect with Diet ID:

  • Investors interested in funding further develop of Diet ID.  Support UX and UI improvements, fund and build a global diet library and bring even more expertise to our dietitian team. Email  
  • Coaches & healthcare professionals interested in integrating Diet ID into current work-flow. Replace food diaries, and food-frequency questionnaires with our photo navigation solution.  Email
  • Visionaries interested in strategic partnerships and B2B2C relationships that need diet change as part of the value proposition. Email